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This website is dedicated to the award-winning BBC comedy series, Joking Apart. The site came about as a result of seeing the same comments on the internet over and over again: "Why isn't it available on video or DVD?", "It has to be one of the funniest shows ever!", "It makes me cry with laughter" and "Why doesn't the BBC ever repeat it?" Quite why the BBC never supported Joking Apart properly is a mystery to this day, even to the people who worked on the show.



Well, at least one of those injusticies has now been corrected. It's taken a long time but finally every episode is now available on DVD exclusively from innovative new publisher Replay. Both series have been extensively digitally restored and come complete with a host of lovely extras featuring the writer, cast and production team. Without a doubt, that is best news that has ever been posted here. Full details can be found on Replay's website.

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